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Wednesday, June 30, 2004


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a few years late (but then a smorg is only 4 letters different from a snail...). I think you got a good deal with 3 watchable out of 4 from that House of Opera purchase. They are really a shady place.

I've had 2 things from them that aren't as advertised (wrong singers in them... I mean, as if anyone who's heard Vesselina Kasarova sing before wouldn't be able to recognize it when she ISN'T singing in a recording!). And they don't respond or fix wrong info on their ads or catalog... I've emailed multiple times to alert that the CDs don't have the right singers on them... no response and no refund either.

So... anyone else thinking of buying from this shop, beware! Things aren't always as advertised... and being a pirate shop, they don't refund stuff or fix their mistakes either.

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