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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


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> I've been playing with screen captures

now, could you please tell me how do you do that? i tried a zillion time, hitting the darn screenshot-button on my keyboard and pasting the result into my photoshop thingy, but i only manage to get a black screen - that happens when i try and capture images off a dvd, otherwise it works perfectly.
help, please?


The screenshot button on the keyboard appears to be one of life's mysteries... I've never had any luck with mine either. I did the Idomeneo captures via the player I was using to watch it. However there is a nifty little screenshot program called Screen Print & Capture 32 (available from download.com) which I've used for screen shots, and it does the job nicely. It's also 100%free, which is nice.
Hope that helps!


thanks! :)
(I'd add "hurrah!", too, but I'm old, and must pretend to be a serious person...)


(spoke too soon: ScreenPrint-whatsitsname doesn't work on my pc, which is obviously doofus. humph.
thank you, anyway.)


hang on a sec, stop press! somebody told me how to do that without screenprint etcetera, just hitting the silly button up there on the keyboard - apparently one should go to tools > options and in the advanced folder de-tick all the predefined (sp?) options and ta-da! the trick's done! it works! hurrah! :)

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