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Thursday, June 02, 2005


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Lisa Hirsch

Do you know Conchita Supervia's Carmen excerpts?


Ah, Lisa beat me to it. They're in Italian though.

Also... The one Vickers role that really made me a believer was his Florestan. You might -- if you haven't already -- try Klemperer's studio version.

Lisa Hirsch

There are two sets of Supervia excerpts, one in French, one in Italian. The later is French.


Huh. You're right! No wonder the next Marston volume (September). There's also a Pearl transfer.


[Oops. Sorry, meant:]

Huh. You're right! No wonder the Marston one I recently picked up sounded so unfamiliar... Where's my head?

Anyway, the French one is longer and better. The EMI disc I have it on looks OOP, but it looks to be in the next Marston volume (September). There's also a Pearl transfer I've never heard.

Michael Gray

Do they actually sell opera dvds at disk den Sarah??? If so - how expensive are they?????


Yes, they have some, not a huge selection. This Carmen was only $39.95, but most cost more than that. Between about $50 and $70-80 ish. But of course I recommend you buy all your opera DVDs upstairs at the University Book Shop - Disk Den has about 20-25 titles; the UBS has hundreds, at around the same prices. The only difference is that Disk Den sells Deutsche Grammophon titles, and UBS doesn't - but that may be about to change as well.
Right, advertisement over.

Michael Gray

Yes - I know UBS sells ALOT! - Unfortunately I am still a student...
I do get alot of good bargains when I go to wellington from Slowboat and Real Groovy - Its hard when they are $70-80 a pop - so 2nd hand is more in my price range unfortunately... well only because I want to get more than just one dvd heheh - Greedy Michael...


It's nice to read someone that isn't a Vickers hero worshipper. He always seems so calculated in his approach, ever phrase and word over-thought and over-analyzed. His basic instrument is superb but, oh man, he really *does* croon at times. Plus, his changing of the text in Peter Grimes without the Britten estates' permission and homophobic comments surrounding the character of Grimes don't endear me to him either, as I'm a huge Brittenite.

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