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Thursday, July 28, 2005


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Forgive me if this question is gauche, but who is Hayley Westenra? She seems to be from down there. They put her name in the same paragraph with Cecilia.


Probably safest if I don't try to explain...my language might get rather too colourful. Let's just say she's a teenaged crossover 'sensation' who doesn't deserve to be on the same planet as la nostra Cecilia, let alone the same paragraph.

Michael Gray

CRIKEY - Hayley Westenra in the same paragraph as Cecilia...
Let us just say that she is akin to Charlotte Church (if you know of her) - however, Westenra is more "New Zealand" like and pure than the beer swilling Church.


I feel very flattered that you posted my review, Sarah - thank you!

Dear readers: please forgive my many, many typos, ie. "blaze" instead of "blase!"


Haley Westerna is the European equivalent to Josh Groban, but somewhat worse. I think even comparing her to Charlotte Church is not good enough. Granted you are considering the old Charlotte Church 12-15 years of age. If you went and bought Charlotte Church's new CD I think you would cry as I did. YOu can read about it in my blog. http://www.supremepixels.com/heldenjourney/blog.html
Hearing the new pop/europop album of Charlotte Church would make anybody who thought she was atleast doing a decent job at bringing "decent" music to the ears of my generation (I'm 18, same age as Charlotte Church) would think the world may very well end after the next five opera seasons... Although sometimes Classipop can carry off a decent career and at the same time decent music Westerna and Church are definately a step in the WRONG dirrection.


Yes. And now, basta, I implore you - I'm sure we have much better things to talk about than those two. I hope your question has been answered, Barbara.


Westenra is actually pretty good in this composer's opinion. Unlike Church she doesn't mangle her music. She sticks to the basic repertoire, and sings it with good command of technique on par with many of the better vocal majors of her age. She's not the best classical singer, but she's not trying to appeal to a classical audience.

Perhaps more importantly though is that Westenra is setting a good example for young people. She really is "pure" - unlike Church she's not a slut (she's never had a boyfriend, much less done the topless thing) - and she might even encourage more people to listen to Art music.

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