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Saturday, September 10, 2005


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Karita sounds good on that polka-dot dress CD. Nice rep too. I can't wait for the day when I'm famous and can programme in all my own eclectic recital rep including Mahalia Jackson, Kurt Weill, Blind Willie Mctell, the White Stripes and The Beach Boys, finishing it all off with a rousing version of "Liebestod."
I must say I am a fan of the dramatic voices above the sweet and lyric, as a general rule.

Must listen to Karita properly sometime. Anyone got a favourite dramatic soprano? Or any recommendations? I'm a Flagstad and Leontyne Price man myself.


Michelle DeYoung (she's transitioning out of mezzo). You must must must listen to her Wagner/Duparc/Liszt album with pianist Kevin Murphy. I own the only copy of anyone I know, but it's supposedly on Amazon if you're willing to wait a bit.
I can't imagine the state of the Classical recording industry if Jüngfrau's Sieglinde has not been committed to disc.
Matila is not a dramatic, wouldn't you say? She's a full lyric? I would think. With a lot of thrust.
Jessye Norman is my personal favorite for her Strauss.


Great you liked this. The footage was from the first half of the run, and believe it or not it's a bit 'tight' compared to what happened by December and January. Volcanic, incandescent, etc. I think Flimm's production botches the prison climax, but Mattila's reshaping of the emotional arc makes sense of it.

She's doing another run of it here this season. What a treat.


Yep mezzogregory, you'd be right about Karita being essentially a full lyric. But the voice has got that flash and dark, dramatic edge to it, which I think makes things so much more exciting.


Well if we're talking dramatic sopranos I have to mention Deborah Voigt, whom I adore. Rosel if you haven't heard her 'Obsessions' already you *must*. (Gregory I know you share my love for that CD and 'Der Männer Sippe' especially) I'm currently longing desperately to own her Ariadne auf Naxos; as if Debbie wasn't enough, she's joined by Natalie Dessay AND Anne Sofie von Otter. (AND Ben Heppner.) That's some Ariadne.
And I'm a bit of a Flagstad fan too, when I remember to be - I picked up her 'Great Voices' CD at the Warehouse for all of $3. Thankyou Mr Tindall!


Yes. Definitely. Karita is a slightly but only slightly heavy lyric soprano. These are exactly the sort of singers one worries about. Managers and their own egos can get them to work in over their heads.

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