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Saturday, May 19, 2007



Well, I have never heard of Vittorio Grigolo, but he is available on YouTube. It is disingenuous to call this man the "little Pavarotti" since obviously he's a pop singer, though admittedly a pop singer of a bygone era. If he is crossing over, it is from pop to classical and not the other direction. There's nothing wrong with this, but a spade remains a spade.


Well he does continue to have a legitimate career at La Scala, Rome Opera and elsewhere. And he sings the proper stuff properly. But his style and manner didn't impress me much.
Strangely enough the "little Pavarotti" nickname was bestowed by Big Pavarotti. Who knows.


It's nice to know the Italian style isn't completely dead. Maybe if I heard him in something like that I would change my mind.

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