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Thursday, September 04, 2008


travelling mezzo

I am so glad you got to this concert. Some of us have been big Brad Cooper fans since he was here winning competitions years ago. His voice & style have matured amazingly. It's a shame for us that he is going away again.

It's always nice when our favorite singers come home to roost, even for a short time. I guess you missed the wondrous Lisa Harper-Brown & Warwick Fyfe recital last sunday night organised by the Wagner Society, an event missed by many since they were still in Melbourne for Flying Dutchman seeing more of our absent singers - Stuart Skelton and John Wegner.


re Wegner and Skelton, I think this is correct:

John Wegner:
2008 Claggart (Sydney) starts Sep 24
2009 Boris Ismailov (Sydney; Melbourne hear Daniel Sumegi)

Stuart Skelton:
2009 Peter Grimes (Sydney)
2009 Erik (Adelaide)
2009 Mitch (Melbourne)

Hot tickets all

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