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Friday, March 27, 2009



I would like to let you know that Cheryl is still intending to sing Butterfly.
The perception that she sang her last performance last Monday is wrong.


Something else to look forward to:

"Spring is a busy period for the Chandos recording teams and April starts with a disc of operatic arias with Soprano Cheryl Barker for the Opera in English label. She is accompanied by the LPO conducted by David Parry."


I know! SO exciting. I cannot wait to see what's on it.


At last the long promised Chandos recital disc with Cheryl!! My wish list is for the following 5 minimum:

1)Song to the Moon
2)Marietta's Song
3)Ave Maria and Willow Song
4)Tatyana's Letter Scene
5)Final scene from Salome

It will be interesting to see what duets she does and with whom as this is always a hallmark of the series in including duets.


1) Yes.
2) YES!
3) Please.
4) YES!!!
5) Oh yes.

It would be nice if they brought in Peter C-W, although Persuasion & Seduction might have exhausted all their duet posssibilities.


Sarah, I second your comments about "Un bel dì". From the third row I had that exact experience where the opening phrases of the aria were so sublime that I honestly didn't recognise what I was hearing. "Un bel dì", which finds its way into movies, commercials and even ringtones; which I wouldn't have gone a day without hearing these last few months, sounded entirely new. Unrecognisable, in the very best way. It was a stunning moment.

For me, the other stand out moment (if it is even appropriate to choose one) was her "Tutto è finito". One simple line, one note, six quavers. And delivered with such heartbreaking emptiness, sung without any warmth of tone in the way that only a true great singer can do. It was extraordinary.


It looks like a Kate Bush video-clip but you might like this


Doesn't it just. I have the DVD. She's just back from singing that same production in Paris. I call her Alien Butterfly.

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