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Wednesday, September 09, 2009



I have seen her live in San Francisco at least twice--in two different versions of Capriccio. One of them was filmed. There were people in the audience who were there just to see her. They were disappointed that her part wasn't bigger.
It is her charm and her legato, perhaps in that order, that make her who she is. Thank you for this. I'm glad she's still singing.


Please forgive my creaking memory. According to the archives of the San Francisco Opera, I also saw her in Rosenkavalier with Brigitte Fassbaender as Octavian. I remember it was for this that I wrote her a fan letter saying how much I enjoyed it, and she wrote back. She said it was the fans that made singing truly worth it. Or something like that. It's in a box somewhere. She is a great lady.


I thought it was terrific that a singer at this stage of her career presented a concert consisting of much more than crossover tunes, music theatre numbers and interspersed with myriad orchestral interludes. To have 8 or so arias and some quality songs thrown in was a nice surprise and the fact that she has found a way to sing them so beautifully at 65 was remarkable. What a shame both orchestra and conductor weren't quite up to the mark.

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