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Monday, October 12, 2009



Cosi lives or dies depending on the three women. Sounds like a dream trio (mind you I could listen to Durkin and Speight take turns singing from a telephone directory!)


Did you/anyone catch the telecast on Wednesday night? It might be that the telecast was also taped for release on DVD. Here's hoping.


Yes, I watched it. In fact a few of us were watching it and (awful Web 2.0 term alert) live-Tweeting it - if so inclined, you can search #ozcosi on Twitter and see all our comments, in reverse chronological order.
A DVD would be nice, although it hasn't happened with last year's Bohème.
I did think a lot of the live experience was lost on film though - there have been other productions this year better suited to TV - but that's inevitable, I guess, and it still came across well. And the singing was fantastic.

Ian Mackenzie

Dear Sarah, I couldn't agree more with all of your comments. A truly great and well rounded cast. I have never heard Fiordiligi sung better. It is a difficult sing at the best of times. Unfortunately I am old enough to remember June Bronhill singing and her voice quite weel, and it seem spooky listening to Tiffany Speight, she was almost chanelling June's voice and acting style. I must admit to being very surprised at the announcement that Shane Lawrencev was to sing Guglielmo. It is the last role I would have considered for him, but again he was vocally and comedically great and it was lush to here a true bass singing this role! Henry, Sian and Jose were equally as magnificent.

The conducting bySimon Hewitt was so Mozartian and brisk tempi were just right when used. So great not to have the Mozart's music killed by limp and lame conducting as has occurred in the past.


Gosh! I remember June Bronhill too (stuff like Blonde in Seraglio opposite Joan Carden - I think - as Konstanze where June was still in stunning vocal shape) as well as lots of other stuff right up to her Mrs Pearce in the Victorian State Opera's My Fair Lady. Tiffany's voice isn't so bright as June's was (Amalia Feruggia's voice is closer to June's) but Tiffany has certainly got the highg placement and stunner diction. I hope she won't end up as a 'Mozart maid/peasant' all her career though.

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