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Friday, October 23, 2009



This is marvellous-she is wonderful! Cannot wait to see it now which is on Tuesday. Saw Grimes last-must be at least a decade ago when Joan Carden reprised the role of Ellen-sadly she should not have and if my memory serves me correctly she did not sing the Embroidary Aria-it was left out. Very excited about Tuesday now.


Joan Carden sang the role last in 2001 with Anson Austin and was a very fine Ellen in her day :)The embroidery aria was included in that production ( OA have not cut anything from grimes - it is usually performed in its perfect and full form everywhere)
Susan gritton has a few more years to go to sing this role and has totally mastered its challenges already- wonderful :)You will not be disappointed on Tuesday David :)


I thought I should clarify that my coment was in no way a criticism of Joan Carden who I adored!! I just that I felt she was well past her prime when she sang it and could not do the role the musical justice that it deserved-that said she was always the consumate actress. I was so convinced that in that production on the night I went that the Embroidary Aria went missing, as I distictly recall people as I left commenting on the very same observance that I came to about its disappearance!!

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