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Wednesday, March 17, 2010



You can add a little something to the video as of this morning - The Guide on the front page of The Age and SMH Online talk about tonight's broadcast.



Dearest Sarah,

Don't want to detract from the "blissful" state of Sydney right now, but Kat'a K has opened to wonderful notices and am expecting the lovely miss M to garner equally fulsome praise for her ROH debut in Vixen on Friday (I'll be in attendance to cheer her on).

When DLvdE rolls around, the first round of Coke Zero's are on ME!



Lieber Siggy,
Katya (und Boris) sind gar nicht vergessen. I suspect a mini Janacek linkfest is in order.
As for the Coke Zero, perhaps I should smuggle in a glass to raise during the Trinklied!


"Schon winkt der Coke im gold'nen Pokale?" Sounds like an Advert Exec's party ca 1987.


Dunkel ist das Leben, ist der Coke. (New slogan, perhaps. It probably wouldn't work.)


I know you know, but what about the iview for the next 12 days?



Yes, I do know. Updates coming soon - the broadcast itself hadn't happened when I posted this.

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