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Saturday, March 13, 2010



I just hope that all who were present at last night's mind-blowing performance of Bliss realise just how fortunate and priviledged they were to have been part of that first night audience. The score, the staging, Peter Coleman-Wright's devestatingly beautiful Harry Joy - he believed and felt every note he sang - is the stuff of great theatre. And our orchestra - WOW! From where I was sitting in A row stalls they were on fire! Highlights? Too many for me to go into here. I'll leave that to Sarah who, after all, does that kind of thing far better than I ever could. WHATEVER YOU DO DON'TMISS BLISS! This is truly just about as good as it gets.


Hi Sarah, Cannot wait to hear about Bliss!! I go toward the end of the season. Please spill about Cheryl in Vienna!!!!

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