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Friday, April 02, 2010


Vicki Watson

this is one of the most insightful and interesting discussions of an opera singer's process i have come across- great questions approached with marvellous detail and consideration by an intelligent gifted performer. Thanks to both Sarah and Warwick for this interview.

The Director of "The Woods Academy of Professional Voice"

This man is a truly exciting ambassador for Opera Australia, and indeed Australia as a whole. His truly beautiful voice accompanies an outstanding intellect which he shares with naked and sincere honesty, and an insight beyond normal vision. Bravo, Bravo! Opera Australia, WE WANT MORE OF WARWICK FYFE!!!!! Sarah,you've enlightened our world here. Can we have Warwick's insights for ALL his roles/experiences? What treat for generations that would be!

The Director of "The Woods Academy of Professional Voice"

All I can say is WOW!He must work so hard!
A real inspiration.
Posted by Fiona, c/o The Woods Academy.


great stuff.warwick is a fine artist indeed, as many of us wwho have ejoyed watching him can attest. his insights are intensely interesting. please enquire of him further whenever the opportunity arises.


Leaping lizards, I was glued to this one! I have a LOT to learn-can't wait.


My singing teacher made us all read this article. our thanks to Warwick, she made us all take a test on it!! I won a crunchie bar, but I know the value of it was priceless. She may be opera mad, but she makes us all mad for opera. This is a resource we are excited for - got more out of it than scales!


Now that we have had this chance to see into the real Mr Fyfe, my understanding of him is far greater. I do not understand any less than the highest praise about him as a singer and performer. His uniqueness is sometimes I feel misunderstood. Here you have revealed that his inner devotion to character and delivery is far superior to that of his peers-and he does it for US! I and many of my colleagues who frequent OA productions, have him pegged as our favourite baritone without question. I don't think any other males have what this man brings to our cultural table, and it needed saying.I am proudly a Fyfe disciple!

Margaret Hargrave

I have just watched Warwick perform as Rigoletto. I did see him in this role several years ago thought him too young for the role. It is different now. This was a singer/actor who truly inhabited the role. His voice was magnificent. His acting--well, it affected me deeply. And I was not alone in rising to my feet when he came on stage at the end to take his bow. About a third of the audience obviously felt the same. Warwick is a gifted performer--both vocally and dramatically and I cannot wait to see him on stage again. I've seen his Pooh-Bah, Sacristan, Schunard and (sorry--I have a mental block!) Sophie's Dad in Rosenkavalier. Bravo, Warwick Fyfe! May your career continue to give deep pleasure to audiences everywhere!

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