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Friday, April 20, 2012


capriccio blog

Lovely blog post! And Congratulations to Stuart - sounds like it was a major triumph. Shame that there was no live radio broadcast. Scandalous that there was so little press. But Kaufmann is megastar, and your tenor man is only an ascendant star, so while bloody annoying, its maybe not surprising. Surely though it's the duty of critics to see new blood in major roles at their local opera house. There we are. Next time, next time!

The Parterre comments are amazingly positive - never seen such consistency on there!


My understanding is that the lack of press was because this was a revival, not because of the casting, and it's not as if JK is the only megastar involved in Walküre anyway. The Rheingold wasn't reviewed anywhere either. And Tomassini was there, but as I said above, seems to be saving his review for the end of the cycle. But yeah, it's a bit annoying: though I have to say, I take it WAY more personally than my "tenor man". I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart after all!

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