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Friday, September 07, 2012



I'm intrigued by that suggestion that you will be in AU in (I suppose) April and May next year for Ring rehearsals. It seems a long way out from the performances.


Rheingold and Walküre will be rehearsed in April/May up to the point of stage-piano rehearsals, then resume in October and go right through to the performances. I think the Siegfried/G'dämmerung rehearsals start in September. Various logistical/financial reasons for this, and I'm told it's how the Adelaide Ring rehearsals were managed as well.

Atul Joshi - GM, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs

We're delighted to have made all your Christmases come at once but sorry to have curtailed your turnaround time! And of course, really excited to have Cheryl and Stuart in our concerts. It was a happy coincidence of wanting to celebrate the anniversaries in some way, thinking of the best singers for the repertoire and then discovering both singers' availabilities overlapped with a set of dates we had with the Sydney Opera House. We're still in the process of finalising the repertoire (but I think you know that!) and should be able to announce the full program this side of Xmas. Skulldggery and bribery are welcome but we don't promise to act on them (though Lohengrin is on the consideration list!).

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