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Sunday, September 02, 2012



Are you likely to want to swim? I gather Japanese public pools have a great many rules, not all of them familiar to Antipodeans…


Six weeks in Tokyo makes me very envious. And I've seriously looked at how to get to hear Stuart and the Ellen of my dreams once more. No Wigglesworth either. Bank says no.

Anyway. Tokyo will absorb you, have no doubt, and leaving is not easy. Anyone with an interest in Britten, who would that be, really should, really really, go to a Noh performance. The Noh Theatre is a short walk, up a winding little hill, from Shibuya station, which is crazy as, especially after dark, and that would be two stops I think from Shinjuku where I assume you have landed, near the NNT.

The September schedule is here. Give it the time, which will stand still.

And then there's Kabuki. The grand old theatre at Ginza is closed still I think and shows are on at the newer, also Ginza Shimbashi Enbujo Theatre (may be slow loading). It's mad and wonderful and can be booked out way ahead.

Also at Shibuya is the Meiji Jingu Shrine, a great escape into stillness. Think Meiji, think Butterfly, gratuitous link here. And there's the tree lined ritzy shopping Omotesando Bvde, blog again, forgive.


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