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Thursday, January 31, 2013



Congratulations! Only just discovered you about a year ago, but really enjoy reading your posts. Plus you're a Dunedin girl, so you must be ok :)


Your anniversary sent me curious to revisit your beginning.

And here (since comments are closed there) is a comment on your first post, where, toying with the question of whether fragments of libretto could come in handy for actual use, you referred to a fragment translated as "The King has insisted that Percy must not know" and asked:

"Do people still name their children Percy?"

Possibly; possibly not. In the fragment you quote (Anna Bolena Act III scene vi, I guess) it's a family name rather than a given name.

Congratulations on your blogbirthday!


Yes, funnily enough in the ensuing nine years, I did in fact realise this! Don't look too closely at my early posts, you'll find errors far more egregious than that one. I know they're there, but I also know that retrospective editing, once it starts, may never stop.

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