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Tuesday, January 08, 2013



I really enjoyed this book! Loved all the references to the opera, although I don't know the Covent Garden area as well as you do. But there is a North London component which is another area I know somewhat. Bonus!

There are two more books in the series so far.


Yes! Happily enough, my friend gave me all three so that's my bedtime reading sorted for at least a week or two.

Christie F

I keep seeing this book pop up places, so I think I'll get hold of it. Don't you love friends who give books for Christmas? Best presents ever.


I see it on amazon kindle but am unable to download it. They are terrible teases.


It was published in the US as "Midnight Riot" - maybe you can download it under that title?


Book two revolves heavily around vintage jazz, as it happens, so that's a nice touch.

(Glad you weren't the only one who spotted it was Billy Budd!)

And I suspect Nightingale and Peter Wimsey would get on very well, so it's only the trappings that are modern ;)

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