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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Christie F

Oh I wish, wish, wish I could see this! It all sounds so wonderful.


Beautiful description! Wish I could see it! Thanks for sharing the experience with us!


How I wish there could be a recording/ video of this production and cast. This should be preserved for the ages.

Superb review, beautifully expressed.


I'm listening to Walkure on KING-FM...damn. This is glorious. And no recording to preserve it. Plenty of ho-hum performances are available on CD and DVD but after next week we have only our memories. I hate the recording industry.


Thanks for this great description, Sarah - I suspect it speaks to audiences as well as those with in-the-biz experience - and really, the audience completes the loop. I have the one foot in, one foot out perspective too (training in theatre as a designer, worked for a while, rehearsal/performance documentary photographer, etc.) plus having started my audience-ing at age 12.

This was my first in-person RING, too (didn't realize it was yours!) and I'm still reeling from it. I've just never experienced anything like it... and I don't have words (trust me, that rarely happens). Of the 4, the WALKÜRE was perfect. I should just not ever plan to see another RING in my whole life! I had a few quibbles with bits and pieces of the others (though not like the 2 ladies who sat behind me and complained about everything and everyone in EVERY Ring opera they've ever seen - at least they only talked during the intermissions).

But as you say, it's the whole thing. Hard to fathom I've returned to the so-called real world...

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