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Thursday, January 30, 2014



Coming late in life to opera, I felt as though I'd been apparated to a wonderful but foreign country. "What on earth have I just seen ? Where should I go tomorrow?" Your blog has been a godsend, Ms Prima La Musica, guiding, translating, opening my mind and ears to music I would never otherwise have tried. And with such an enthusiastic and encouraging guide I braved the Ring in Melbourne, and was blown away. So thank you for your blog, and for selflessly traveling the world on our behalf. (and I saw you and Seigmund walking down the street in Melbourne, but I was too afraid to bail you up and gush all over you. So consider yourself gushed now!)

Barbara Baker

The best thing about Carmen is how well a singer can bend her to her will. If she knows how. Manon is a bit less flexible, I think. I hope you like Ailyn.


Congratulations on your 10 year blog anniversary. I think you have quite a unique perspective on the opera/classical music world and I always enjoy reading your blog. Now you just need to get your 'Mr Grimes' to come to NZ for a performance of PG!

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