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David Nice

You make me wish I was there. Of course we have something similar with the Glyndebourne on Tour Jenufa, but we've known that for years - all the more reason then to praise a revival perfect in every detail.

Stuart Skelton didn't capture every facet in the recent ENO Grimes, but I put that down to a less rounded production.

Anyway, it's so good to see a blog brimming over with obsessive love rather than hate or petty spite (viz your American colleagues...)

Michael Black

Thank you so much for this collation. Grimes has been the most wonderful experience of my time at OA and it's heartening to read that so many others have been similarly touched and moved by the experience also.


For those interested in other Stuart Skelton recordings check out Mahler's Das Lied Von Der Erde - with Thomas Hampson and Michael Tilson-Thomas conducting. His rendition of The Drinking Song is, quite simply, breathtaking.

I attended the October 24 performance of Peter Grimes. I consider the three hours spent in the Opera Theatre that afternoon as among the best I have ever spent in any opera house. By the end of the perfomance I was quietly sobbing. I'd never really "got" Peter Grimes. But thanks to Stuart Skelton, the wonderful Susan Gritton, Neil Armfield, our amazing chorus, and of course, Mark Wigglesworth, Britten's masterpiece now ranks among my top 5 operas. Opera Australia, thank you.


Now you made me want it again... i have two different dvds, and one (the old TV version) coming soon... but now I'll have to look the ENO one again - that was the most heartbreaking. But I don't dare. I'd cry through the whole thing, partly for itself, partly for Philip Langridge.

I always say: after Grimes you just NEED some Mozart if you don't want to feel depressed for days.

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